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Scholarship Resources

LIst of Scholarships

Each year, the Counseling Dept. provides a list of scholarships available for high school students.
Be sure to check it regularly for updates! 


list of scholarships


Helpful Links for ScholarshipS

Scholly (Sallie Mae) 

Louisiana Scholarship Directory

Common App Looking to apply to HBCUs? This site allows you to create an account and send applications to 65 HBCUs around the country. Looking to apply to multiple colleges/universities? Schools such as LSU, Xavier, Tulane, Southern, Loyola, UNO, Dillard, Mississippi College, Ole Miss, The Culinary Institute of America, UT Austin, Centenary, Texas A&M, Baylor, University of Alabama, University of Southern Alabama, Auburn University, Florida State University, and many more use Common App. There are over 1,000 universities nationwide (and a few outside the US) for college applications. 



Click here to find scholarship opportunities from LOSFA (Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance).